On Wednesday, October 12th, students at Stevens High School will be taking part in PSAT and SAT testing. Students in grades 9-11 will be taking either the PSAT 8/9 or the PSAT/NMSQT.  Those students should report to school at the regular time. Students will be notified of their testing locations on the day of the test.

A small group of students in grade 12 will be taking the SAT. All students will remain in their testing rooms until noon at the earliest. Once students are dismissed, they will be able to pick up a bagged lunch from the cafeteria and will then be able to leave; they are not required to stay until the end of the day. Students who wish to stay are welcome to, however, buses will not be here to pick students up until 2:06. Students who stay will be asked to stay in a designated area. 

Seniors who are not coming to the SATs are expected to complete community service on their own. As a reminder, students are required to complete 48 hours of community service to graduate from Stevens High School.

Students should plan to leave any electronics at home (smart phones, smart watches, etc). Any device that is brought to school that day will be taken and stored during the duration of the testing. 

Students are encouraged to bring a water bottle and a small snack - we will have some for students as well.