Open House 22-23

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Stevens High School Open House 

Fall 2022

Tuesday, October 4th

6:00pm  - 7:30pm

Please join us this year for the Stevens High School Open House. Come follow your student's schedules and get an idea of what their day is like. SHS will also be providing transportation to the Tech Center.  On behalf of the Stevens High School Faculty and staff, we look forward to seeing you. 

Open House Mini Schedule



Class Start Time

Class End Time

Passing Time (3 Min.)

Class Length Time

Block 1

6:00:00 PM

6:15 PM

3 min


Focused  Study

6:18:00 PM

6:33:00 PM

3 min.

15 min.

Block 2

6:36:00 PM

6:51:00 PM


15 min.

Block 3

6:54:00 PM

7:09:00 PM

3 min

15 min.

Block 4

7:12:00 PM

7:27:00 PM

End of School Day

* Any visitor who has a Career Center class, the bus leaves from in front of the SHS to take you to classes at the Career Center