SHS JR. SR Privilege Card Expectations

As of 9/16/22

As of September 16, 2022, I have changed the criteria for qualifying and keeping the Jr./Sr privilege card, Starting September 16, 2022 students no longer need 24 hours of community service to qualify for your Priv. Card. This does not change the requirement of all students graduating from Stevens. You are still required to complete 48 hours of community service to graduate.  Below is what you need to get and keep your Jr./Sr. Privilege. Card.

  • Sr. MUST have 18 credits

  • Jr. MUST have 13 credits

Any discipline and/or attendance issues that are dated 9/15/22 and beyond will be considered a violation. Anything dated before 9/15/22 will not count toward the loss of Privilage. card. This also includes signing in and out of the building ANYTIME you enter and exit SHS.

  • More than 5 unexcused absences and or tardies for school or class in a semester and you will lose your Priv. card

  • No more than 3 discipline issues for any reason in a semester or you will, lose your Priv. card. Major discipline issues that are listed below will result in the immediate loss of the Privilege card indefinitely. 

    • Assault

    • Weapons

    • Drugs

    • Harassment

    • Bullying

    • Threats of danger to the school or persons.

    • Any other incident that the administration deems major

All students will need to fill out the permission slip that requires your parent and/or guardians' signature and your signature.  Your card will not be processed without it. These slips can be picked up at the main office.

Please refer to the Discipline Matrix located in the SHS Student Handbook.