Police dogs Today

Good morning. At 10:00 AM, the Claremont City Police Department brought their dogs through the school today.  The purpose of having the dogs come through the school was so that SHS does everything it can to keep our school safe and drug-free.  So, what did it look like today? At approximately 10:00 am, the school entered a non-emergency shelter in place.  Once all students were in their classrooms, all students and staff were directed to place all their bags and belongings in the hallway across from their classroom.  Once all the students were back in the classroom with doors shut, the Claremont City PD brought the dogs through.  The dogs proceeded to sniff all the bags.  Once the dogs had finished their role, they exited the building, and students resumed their schedule for the day.  For those of you who have not experienced this at SHS, like me, and who are unfamiliar with this exercise, this is something that SHS has done in the past.  COVID prevented SHS from conducting these searches, and now we are back at a point where they can resume.  

Thank you,